Integrated ingredient solutions for the confectionery industry:

Irresistible – naturally!

Whether tasty filled chocolates, fruity chewing candies or creamy sweets – the little sweet treats sweeten our days. But the times are past when it was considered that the more colourful, sweeter and flashier the confectionery, the better. A consumer study conducted by Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science showed that more than half of consumers are interested in “healthier” confectionery; more than 60% value natural ingredients.

Fulfilling these consumer wishes is by no means trivial, since natural ingredients are more sensitive than artificial ingredients. For manufacturers, the challenge is to develop healthier and more natural products which, at the same time, open unique multi-sensory experiences. For this, we offer the ideal solutions for every confectionery application, which we develop especially for you.

Naturalness and a superior multi-sensory experience are the cornerstones for us in the development of high-quality ingredients and innovative ideas for confectionery.

Through our own processing of selected fruits, vegetables and other natural raw materials, we supply you with a wide range of ingredient solutions which are adapted to the requirements of the respective confectionery:

Bright, natural colours for confectionery

Children in particular love flashy colours – even when it comes to food. Parents, on the other hand, are rather sceptical of bright colours when it comes to confectionery. Product labels are now examined very carefully and products with supposedly artificial ingredients are rejected. However, some products with natural colours also fail to pass the customers’ stringent test criteria: For one thing, because natural colours – despite their naturalness – to some extent carry E numbers. For another, because some natural colours are rejected by consumers due to their source of origin (e.g. carmine). We react to this development by providing you with a comprehensive portfolio on natural colours and colouring concentrates made from high-quality vegetable raw materials with high stability, colour brilliance and intensity, which are tailored to the special requirements of the confectionery manufacturing processes.


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What tastes better than nature itself?

Pure taste with natural flavours and juices

Fruit juices have become increasingly popular in the confectionery industry over the last few years. We provide you with a large range of juice concentrates and purees made from fruits and vegetables, which are specially suited for confectionery and thus remain stable for the multi-sensory experience. We supply you with fruity and innovative taste experiences in a large portfolio of natural aromas and extracts. The Döhler range of flavours is huge and extends from fruity, brown and white flavours to exotic taste creations. How does, say, fruit gums that taste of tomato and basil sound?

Healthy additional benefits in confectionery

Confectionery is an indulgence product! But the demands on this sweet indulgence are increasing. Besides naturalness, many consumers also want healthy added value. In other words, the reassuring feeling of not only having treated your soul to a sweet treat, but also having done something good for your body. The healthy positioning is therefore increasingly in the focus of innovative marketing concepts. But what do consumers want? A study conducted by Döhler Multi-Sensory & Consumer Science showed that consumers want confectionery with healthy ingredients – especially vitamins, but also fibres and proteins.

The combination of these ingredients with valuable plant extracts – from rooibos to ginger all the way to olive leaf extracts – do not just open up a variety of exciting positioning options, they also offer unique taste experiences. We gladly support you in the conception and implementation of indication-related products with a comprehensive portfolio of Integrated Health & Nutrition Ingredient Solutions, as well as a high degree of application expertise and knowledge of food law.

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Sweet indulgence – light and natural!

According to a survey carried out by Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science, more than two-thirds of consumers consider “reduced sugar” signs on confectionery important.

The development of sweet indulgences, which allow for a clear conscience, is a huge challenge. We offer sweetening systems that allow a variety of positionings: the MultiSweet Plus® portfolio, part of the Integrated Health & Nutrition Solutions, extends from traditional, calorie-free sweetening with high intensity sweeteners (HIS) to calorie-free natural sweeteners to fruit sweeteners made from fruit concentrates and natural flavours.

Tailor-made sweetening systems for innovative confectionery

Fruity “crunch”

Fruity, crunchy, natural! Applying gentle drying technologies results in a variety of Dry Ingredients & Dry Systems from premium, carefully selected and natural raw materials, such as fruits, for innovative worlds of indulgence. Whether in combination with cereals, chocolate or baked goods: Whole dried fruits, slices, pieces, powders or granulates give every product the extra tasty crunch – and in the most natural way.

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