Döhler Olive Leaf Extract

Benefiting from the natural health-promoting effect of olive leaves in foods, beverages and dietary supplements

The positive effect of the sacred tree of the Greek gods has been recognised for many thousands of years. Along with the olive fruit, from which finest olive oil is pressed, the olive tree leaves also contain valuable active ingredients such as polyphenols. The olive plant uses these active ingredients to protect itself against harmful influences in its environment, such as light, heat and oxygen radicals. It is thanks to this smart defence mechanism that olives are among the world's most durable plants. This also makes them a “fountain of youth” for us, which the cosmetics industry has been taking advantage of for quite some time.

With the clear, soluble olive leaf extract, Döhler is now making the power of the olive tree available to the food, beverage and dietary supplements industry.

The extract contains 3% of the active protection and health-promoting hydroxytyrosol complex. Hydroxytyrosol extracted from the olive leaf is currently regarded as the strongest plant-based antioxidant with ORAC values over 4,000,000 TE/100 g (TE = Trolox Equivalent). This shows that the olive leaf extract contains much more antioxidant ingredients than green tea, while providing the equally valuable ingredients as olive oil or the fruit itself – without any calories.

Olive leaf extract – A fountain of health and youth
Various case studies have shown the numerous health-promoting and functional benefits of the olive polyphenols found in the hydroxytyrosol complex. These results have been published in scientific journals:

  • Neutralisation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) during the metabolic process
  • Prevention of oxidation of LDL cholesterol (low density lipoprotein) 
  • Support in protecting DNA from oxidation-related damage
  • Improvement of the body's own defences
  • Anti-inflammatory effect

The health-promoting properties of the olive leaf make a wide variety of product positionings possible, ranging from low-cholesterol foods to delicious “beauty” beverages to dietary supplements intended to support mental health. Thanks to its antioxidant effect as well as its effect on cellular defence it is the ideal ingredient for functional, health-positioned foods and beverages. As it has no calories the olive leaf extract enjoys a clear advantage over the oil, making it ideal for naturally healthy and lightly product positionings.

In order to claim a health-promoting added value, it is recommended to combine it with, for example, vitamins and minerals.

Döhler's olive leaf extract is currently the only extract on the market, which is clear and water-soluble, making it possible to use it in clear beverages. 

Döhler's olive leaf extract is derived from olive tree leaves from the Mediterranean region. The naturalness and the valuable ingredients are fully (100%) retained thanks to the exclusive use of high-quality raw materials from controlled cultivation and the application of gentle extraction processes.

Product description:

  • At least 3% Hydroxytyrosol Complex™
  • Active dosage: 0.5g/day
  • Water-soluble
  • Suitable for clear products
  • For liquid and solid foods

Use the valuable health-promoting effect of the olive leaf extract for your product! We will gladly present all the options to you!

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