Still Drinks

50 billion litres of still drinks worldwide* – and still the thirst is far from quenched!

Still drinks containing fruit juice open up limitless variety, as almost any combination of ingredients can be brought together to create totally new taste sensations.

In developing your individual still drink, benefit from our comprehensive ingredients portfolio and the wide range of services we offer: from the initial product idea to its launch on the market.

We provide you with Integrated Still Drink Solutions:

  • All the ingredients for brilliant colours, a fruity taste and a full mouth feel
  • Stable All-in-One Ingredient Systems
  • Innovative beverage ideas
  • Comprehensive services

*Source: Canadean, Forecast 2012

Ingredients and ingredient systems for unlimited possibilities and process-optimised production!

As a provider of an integrated product portfolio, we have a wide range of ingredients at our disposal which can be combined in 'unlimited' ways to create innovative still drinks. With this huge range of ingredients, we develop not only trend-setting still drinks but also products tailored to market demands which meet the local requirements of customers and consumers with regard to colour, taste and mouth feel. Thanks to our large selection of ingredients and our application expertise, we are able to optimise existing recipes skillfully and adapt them to a wide range of customer requirements. We can deliver all the building blocks of a still drink individually or as an all-in-one ingredient system in the form of an emulsion, compound or blend.

Döhler all-in-one ingredient systems allow you to operate flexible, process-optimised beverage production with a guarantee of consistent and outstanding quality.

Full fruit taste with any fruit content!

Worldwide, still drinks are the largest beverage category among beverages containing fruit juice. Because the fruit juice content is usually low, achieving an authentic fruit taste and a full mouth feel present a big challenge. Döhler offers a huge portfolio of fruit-based ingredients and emulsion systems which allow an outstanding fruit taste.

Still Drinks: from weight management and functionality to pure fruit indulgence!

The wide range of ways in which the ingredients can be combined allows a huge spectrum of different product positioning options in the still drink segment.

As a specialist in natural, technology-based food and beverage ingredients active around the world, we not only know how the individual ingredients need to be formulated, but are also familiar with what consumers want and the trends of the various markets worldwide.

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