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Mysticism, wellness, purity: Experience the world of tea in a new way with Döhler tea flavours!

The spicy taste of the Orient, the flowery notes of Darjeeling or the sweet and aromatic character of Ceylon: Tea has many faces and allows us to take a sensory tour of discovery around the world.

Depending on the type and origin, tea represents mysticism, wellness, purity or health. And the taste profiles of tea are just as multi-faceted. Döhler has captured the world of tea in a portfolio of unique and distinctive tea flavours and extracts. The flavours are ideal for application in a wide range of foods and beverages.

You can also benefit from the fantastic world of tea.

We offer you tea flavours ...

... which are perfectly tailored to your product!

... with a unique and distinctive character!

... with top taste: Tested and approved by Sensory & Consumer Science!

Tea isn't just tea…

The taste of brewed tea leaves is popular around the world. But tea isn't just tea: While Chinese Keemun black tea has a delicate and complex fruity flavour, Himalayan Darjeeling black tea presents a flowery flavour in the first flush period and a full bodied flavour with a hint of nutmeg in the second flush period.

And so every tea has its own extraordinary character. Using the latest flavour technology, we have captured even the finest taste nuances of different tea types.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Natural tea flavours
  • Natural tea flavours with other natural flavours (WONF)
  • Natural flavours (tea)
  • Tea flavours

Tea flavours for a wide range of food and beverage applications

Tea is in! Today, the taste of tea is not only used in tea beverages – it is conquering the entire food and beverage market.

Döhler tea flavours give a special note not only to classic tea beverages, but also to innovative soft drinks from aqua fruit and aqua plus to flavoured water, energy drinks, liqueurs and dairy products, allowing unique product positioning. This means that there are no limits on the variety of the beverages or on the consumers' passion for experimentation.

Based on a comprehensive ingredient portfolio and our integrated solution approach, we have developed a wide range of innovative beverage and dairy products with tea flavours for you:

We provide you with the right flavours for your product, because...

... we support the continuing trend towards naturalness and are global leaders in natural flavours.

... our flavours have been checked for sensory acceptance among consumers by Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science.

... our well-established flavourist expertise allows us to develop flavours which are perfectly tailored to a wide range of applications.

... through our global sites we know the taste preferences of the regions and develop our flavours directly in the regions.

... our worldwide sourcing, own fruit processing and flavour production give us preferential access to premium flavour extracts from fruits, vegetables, tea and other plants. The best raw materials enable the finest nuances that the customer really values, especially when it comes to a sensitive product like tea.

... we implement the latest findings of strategic market and consumer research.

... we use modern technology to create extraordinary flavours.

... whatever we do, we never lose sight of what's important: Best taste, highest stability and premium quality for your finished product!

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