Comprehensive services along the entire supply chain:

Integrated Solutions

Create multi-sensory taste sensations with our many years of market expertise.

Product Solutions

Discover a wide variety of inspirations and new opportunities for your next product innovation.

Industry Solutions

Benefit from our deep understanding of the market and unlock new product categories for your market.

Service Solutions

Be it Sensory & Consumer Science, Analytical Services or nutrient media, we support you in all matters concerning your product, from the idea to the supermarket shelf.

Sensory & Consumer Science Solutions

We record flavours objectively, understand your consumers and therefore make your products a success.

Analytical and Technical Service

We offer you comprehensive quality assurance services – from analysing your beverages to assessing your hygiene standards.

Supply Chain Services

We guarantee reliable, just-in-time deliveries and provide assistance in standardisation and inventory management.

Nutrient media

Our detection media offer you fast, safe and reliable results and are extremely simple to use.