Health Ingredients

Discover healthy added value for your products.

Demand for foods and beverages with healthy added value is growing all the time. Use this long-lasting trend to strengthen your portfolio permanently. Whether you want to support muscle development, a healthy heart or strong bones, we offer the perfect ingredients for your product and its healthy positioning. We also provide support in all food law issues and in adding health-related claims to your product.

The power of nature.

Nature is the best supplier for our plant extracts, such as guarana, moringa and rooibos. These support health in a natural way, give your product an effective function and impress with their taste, too. Döhler sets great store by close, trusting partnerships in the countries of origin. For example, we support farmers with sustainable cultivation on the ground, sharing the goal of achieving the very best natural raw materials. We then use state-of-the-art technology to process these raw materials into high-quality extracts with real added value for your products.

Tailor-made premixes.

Vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibres and plant extracts – Döhler offers you the perfect (pre)mix. Our premixes contain perfectly-balanced health & nutrition ingredients for a wide range of indications and applications – from food and beverages to food supplements. And if the ideal premix for your product doesnʼt exist yet, we will develop it for you. You can always rely on the highest sensory stability and the longest shelf life.

All legal questions answered.

Which health-related properties are you allowed to claim on your product? The answer to this question is influenced by a large number of laws, regulations and guidelines that vary from country to country. We advise you on the most effective way to highlight your product positioning, taking the food law specifications into account.

Close to the trends.

Döhler has been successfully developing product applications for the food and beverage industry for decades, so we always have an eye on the latest consumer trends. Using this expertise as a basis, we are constantly looking for new raw materials and driving forward technological development. This allows you to give your products the healthy added value with which you can achieve the greatest effect in this booming market.


The power of nature
Tailor-made premixes
All legal questions answered
Close to the trends

Döhler unlocks the entire world of products with healthy positionings.

Our large range of functional ingredients allows you a wide range of positionings for your products with healthy added value. We advise you every step of the way, working with you to find not only the concept that is perfectly tailored to your consumers, but also the appropriate recipe. Throughout the process, you can rely on our many years of expertise in selecting the best ingredients for each application.

Döhler Health Ingredients.

The portfolio for products that make a difference.

For products with healthy added value, we offer a wide range of premixes perfectly tailored to the positioning of your beverages. To do this, we make use of our comprehensive expertise in stable combinations for various positionings, products and production processes. We are happy to develop individual recipes for your application on request – for a unique, multi-sensory experience.

Vitamins and minerals are ideal for all kinds of indications in line with European health law. Our mixtures remain permanently stable – providing an uncompromising taste sensation.

Fibres are essential for healthy digestion and are ideally suited to weight control. We offer you an extensive portfolio of functional fibres that are perfect for your recipes.

We process our African plant extracts from the best raw materials, right where they grow. The huge variety and natural character of these authentic extracts unlock a wide spectrum of indications and product positionings for you.

Focus on trends:

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Vitamin C – natural, highly effective and standardised

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