Our Value Chain

We go all the way for you and create

real added value step by step – from the field to the supermarket shelf.

Highest quality and delivery reliability, smart ideas and innovative products for your sustainable market success – to reach this goal, we always go one step further in our supply chain. From the best growing regions around the world to the latest trends and regional consumer preferences. From an individual natural ingredient for your new food or beverage to comprehensive solutions for your industry, with promising product concepts and comprehensive services.

Global sourcing of the very best raw materials

We secure direct access to the best natural raw materials. That is why we place emphasis on vertical integration with consistent quality standards around the world and are constantly on the lookout for new raw materials with potential for market success.

Gentle processing with innovative technologies

With a unique range of state-of-the-art technologies, we process the best of nature in a gentle way to produce natural ingredients and ingredient systems. Our products unlock new opportunities for your next food or beverage innovation.

Delivering tailored natural ingredients

Thanks to our comprehensive competence in ingredients and our expertise in the development of food and beverage applications, we deliver exactly the natural ingredients that provide your beverage or food with the properties you want permanently – for a unique multi-sensory experience.

Customer-specific all-in-one ingredient systems

Our all-in-one ingredient systems can simplify your production processes significantly. These ready-to-use and ready-to-fill systems contain all the ingredients for your food or beverage in an optimal, stable and standardised composition. There is no need to convert your production facilities and raw materials are used efficiently.

Developing market-ready product solutions

We have been developing successful product innovations for the food and beverage industry for decades. Our experts at Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science and our Market Intelligence team support us in this. That is why our solutions are perfectly tailored to the preferences of your consumers.

Designing comprehensive solutions for your industry

We are at home in almost all food and beverage categories and know the specific challenges of your industry. We are your comprehensive partner for the very best natural ingredients, tailored ingredient systems, inspiring product ideas and optimised production processes.

Process optimisation from innovation to packaging

With our comprehensive services, we support you in every phase of your supply chain – from the development of new product ideas and sensory consumer research to Technical Services for initial filling or recipe adjustments, analyses of your products, and Supply Chain Services such as unitising and our filling network.

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