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of consumers worldwide drink fruit and herbal tea several times a month.*

A wide variety of aromas for your hot teas

Tea is a byword for health, relaxation and well-being – and is the perfect drink when we need to take a break in our hectic everyday lives. Creative tea blends inspire consumers all over the world, and selected varieties in organic quality even contribute to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Together with you, we develop innovative concepts for the following and more:

  •  Mate from South America
  • Rooibos from South Africa 
  • Fruit tea infusions
  • Herbal tea infusions – especially popular in Central Europe

*Source: FMCG Gurus, NAB Survey, Q4 2021


The essence of nature for pure tea indulgence

Pure tea varieties are as natural as possible – and the demand for natural ingredients is also growing in flavoured tea blends. We offer a large selection of high-quality natural ingredients for unique taste sensations, including:

  • Natural flavours and extracts
  • Fruit oils
  • Fruit powders


Natural flavours and ingredients

A variety of target groups are reached with emotional product positionings such as “relaxation and well-being”, “power and energy” or “strengthens the immune system”. To support these positionings, we offer:

  • Botanical extracts
  • Dried fruit ingredients
  • Matching and natural flavours

#Multi-Sensory Experiences®

Keeping up with the latest trends

Alongside unflavoured leaf tea classics such as black or green tea, the market is being conquered by more and more “newcomers” such as white tea, matcha or mate, which satisfy the growing demand for innovative tea varieties thanks to their exciting origins and histories as well as the new taste varieties they offer.

#Sustainable and organic

Extraordinary tea varieties grown in a sustainable manner

When buying food and beverages, consumers are increasingly paying attention to their origin, their quality and the production processes used to make them. The sustainability of products is also an important factor for tea; accordingly, tea varieties grown in an ecologically friendly manner are becoming ever more popular.

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Fruit & Juice Powder
Authentic taste profile and characteristic colour

Factsheet 2/3

Fruit Granules
Stable fruit solutions with authentic taste profile and characteristic colour

Factsheet 3/3

Acerola Powder
Vitamin C – natural, highly effective and standardised

Factsheet 1/3

Botanical Extracts
Discover healthy added value for your products

Factsheet 2/3

Dried fruit and vegetable ingredients
Nature’s best in dried form

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Tea Essences
Signature top notes for unique applications

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Black Tea Extracts
Highly concentrated for the perfect tea experience

Factsheet 2/3

Natural Flavours for Mulled Wine
Organic and conventional

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Dried Fruit and Vegetable Ingredients
Nature’s best in dried form

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Organic Guayusa
A sustainable, innovative and natural source of caffeine

Factsheet 2/3

Completely Traceable Raw Materials
Botanical extracts, distillates and infusions with designation of origin

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Organic Stevia Tea Infusion
Clean label solutions for more natural products

Tart, fresh or fruity and sweet with natural ingredients

Whether used as a stimulant, to provide warmth, to quench thirst or to enhance the consumer’s sense of well-being, tea is multifaceted and has long since evolved into a lifestyle drink. Our natural ingredients and ingredient systems turn your hot teas into an extraordinary taste sensation!

#Natural Ingredients

Dry Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients

  • Natural ingredients – granules, powders or whole pieces
  • Unique taste profiles – mild, fruity, subtle
  • Certifications available – clean label, organic, kosher, halal

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#Natural Ingredients

Natural Flavours

  • The best of nature – infusions, essential oils, extracts, distillates, natural flavours etc.
  • Diverse product range – from refreshing citrus flavours to classic brown flavours
  • Authentic taste sensations – own processing, comprehensive application expertise

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#Natural Ingredients

Health Ingredients

  • Careful selection of raw materials and advanced processing methods – natural ingredients with functional added value
  • Comprehensive application expertise – unique multi-sensory experiences
  • Diverse product portfolio – based on tailored solutions

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Dry Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients
Natural Flavours
Health Ingredients

We bring hot tea to life.

Are you looking to create the perfect concept for your target group? We will support you with our market knowledge, natural ingredients and our years of experience in the development of successful applications.

Talk to our experts for your hot tea creations.

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