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Döhler Apple Flavours - For a taste like freshly picked apples!

An apple flavour is composed of hundreds of different flavour components. It is usually the especially sensitive trace components that make a major contribution to the characteristic flavour profile.

That is why authentic, fresh and fruity apple flavours are the result of intense research and advanced production processes. Thanks to state of the art fractioning technology by Döhler, we are able to extract even those flavour components which are contained in the tiniest amounts (FTNF fractions) when processing raw fruit ingredients. This gives us a huge spectrum of different flavour nuances. Our flavourists use these building blocks to develop natural flavours and fine tune a wide range of taste characteristics. The result is a wide assortment of natural apple flavours that...

...taste as fresh and authentic as the fruit itself!

Select from a large portfolio of Döhler apple flavours. No matter what taste you are going for, whether Braeburn, Granny Smith or Golden Delicious – we will provide you with the right one!

Understanding nature and consumers – the basis for tailor-made & authentic flavours!

Some 10,000 apple varieties are cultivated in total! Each of these varieties is composed of hundreds of flavour components, the quantity of which may vary widely depending on the type. Our own fruit processing and flavour extraction technology gives us outstanding access, even to components of which only a trace is present.

For our flavourists, this means an almost infinite number of combinations when creating new flavours, and the development of tailor-made flavours – for any application, market and taste!

Nahezu unendlich viele Kombinationsmöglichkeiten bei der Kreation von neuen Aromen; und die Entwicklung von maßgeschneiderten Aromen -  für jede Applikation, jeden Markt und jeden Geschmack!

Our Apple portfolio includes:

  • Natural flavours
  • FTNJ flavours for reconstitution (add-back) juices
  • Other compositional flavours

Which apple is the right choice for your consumers?

We will help you to choose the flavour that matches the taste of your consumers. Knowledge of consumer taste preferences is thus also fundamental in the creation of flavours. We draw on this knowledge from the decades of experience of our international flavourist team, as well as from countless studies by Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science.

And last but not least, that's the reason why...

...our apple flavours are in the spirit of the times!

Differentiating between yellow, red and green flavours is just the beginning! The Döhler flavour portfolio is tailored to go with current trends. Flavour variations typical to certain varieties and regions, as well as fermented notes are current hot trends in the beverage industry. Döhler analyses worldwide trends on an ongoing basis and uses this knowledge to develop flavours that go with the times!

...we can offer you the right apple for any taste!

Beside orange, apple is the most important fruit in beverages. Even though the fruit of paradise is loved almost everywhere in the world, taste preferences differ greatly from one country to the next. While fresher flavour profiles are appreciated in northern countries, much sweeter variations are the preference in southern countries. Döhler has developed flavours that are tailored to individual taste preferences for this reason.

We provide you with best flavours for your product, because...

... we cater to the taste preferences of the various markets and consumers in a targeted way. 

... our flavours have been checked for sensory acceptance among consumers by Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science.

...our well-established expertise in formulation allows us to develop flavours which are perfectly tailored to the various applications. 

... thanks to our integrated product portfolio and decades of experience in the production of beverage compounds, we know how flavours behave and how they need to be formulated to ensure beverage and milk products which remain stable over time.

... our worldwide sourcing, own fruit processing and flavour production give us preferential access to premium flavour extracts from fruits, vegetables and other plants. The best raw ingredients allow the finest nuances, which can be visualised in the spider web of descriptors.

... whatever we do, we never lose sight of what's important: Top taste and high stability in the finished product!

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