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Brown Flavours

Döhler „Brown Flavours“ – keeping up with the latest trends and the consumers’ taste!

Markets, technologies, consumers and even taste worlds are constantly evolving. This also applies to flavours such as chocolate, coffee, nut, nougat, caramel and vanilla. Due to changing preferences in tastes, flavours are becoming more and more diverse.

In the past, consumers only had the choice between dark and milk chocolate... today, many hundreds of types of chocolate are on offer, from Java to Arriba all the way to Madagascar, Sao, Tomé and many more. And while caramel was the trendy product with its “burnt” character in Europe ten years ago, today's preferences are for milder accents. This development is reflected in all other brown flavours. Worldwide tracking of consumer preferences allows us to develop a regionally focussed, up-to-date assortment.

The new Döhler “Brown Flavours” range from new taste nuances such as egg-nog, salted caramel and brownie to tastefully optimized classics such as chocolate, cocoa, nougat, macadamia and caramel, and all in various nuances: milky, vanilla, nutty, roasted, honey, smoky ... or whatever you want!

Give your product an exciting character and highest indulgence factor with Döhler Brown Flavours!

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For products with a special taste!

Döhler Brown Flavour Portfolio

Are you looking for an individual, special taste sensation?

Knowing the consumers' taste preferences is the basis for creating our flavours. We draw this knowledge from the diverse studies carried out by Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science. We offer you a wide range of taste characteristics for your individual product, tailored to country-specific taste preferences and an extremely varied spectrum of applications!

Our portfolio includes:

  • natural flavours
  • other compositional flavours
Döhler Product Innovations with

Brown Flavours a pure delight!

Brown flavours represent pure indulgence...

... that's why they are some of the most important flavours in the dairy, ice cream, confectionery and bakery segment. Even in the alcoholic segment, cream liqueurs are inconceivable without them.

Spice up your product with that unique moment of indulgence!

We provide you with the perfect flavour tailored for a wide range of different food and beverages:

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