Bubble Tea Beverage

Döhler Bubble Tea: Natural. Delicious. Trendy.

Originally from Asia, Bubble Tea has now also conquered other continents. Last year, Bubble Tea advanced to become a huge trend in the cities. The refreshing beverage on the basis of tea is prepared with milk and/ or fruit syrup, a topping, the bubbles (alginate pearls).

Particularly, the bubbles that burst in your mouth have won over the hearts and minds of the customers by storm!

Döhler has developed and produces bubbles (alginate pearls) with a liquid core for the food and beverage industry. The bubbles are produced exclusively with natural flavours and colours. To go with these, Döhler offers a wide variety of premium tea infusions and fruit syrups.

Benefit from this strong trend with

  • 100% natural flavours
  • 100% natural colours
  • Quality "Made in Europe"

Döhler Bubbles: For a diverse drinking enjoyment !

Young consumers primarily enjoy the variety of tastes and endless combinations. Döhler offers both fruit syrups and tea bases, as well as a new generation of bubbles.

In the past, the bubbles originating from the Far East caused considerable discussion in the media. Therefore, Döhler bubbles are manufactured in a company-owned plant in Europe, using only natural flavours and colours. This presents a significant advantage that ensures a consistently high level of quality for the consumer!

Döhler Bubble varieties:

Döhler Bubble Tea Solutions: From bubbles, fruit syrups and strong tea infusions to innovative packaging solutions!

As a provider for integrated solutions, Döhler offers its customers from food service and retail as well as dairy and beverage manufacturers, innovative product solutions for Bubble Tea.

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