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Döhler Bubbles: Innovative product ideas and solutions for the dairy and food industry.

Originally from Asia, BubbleTea has now also conquered other continents. Particularly, the bubbles that burst in your mouth have won over the hearts and minds of the customers by storm!

Döhler has developed and produces alginate pearls for the food and beverage industry that hold a liquid and flavourful core. The bubbles are manufactured in the Döhler plant in Europe, using only natural flavours and colours. This ensures a consistently high level of quality for your consumer.

What's so special about Döhler Bubbles: Not only can they be used in combination with tea and fruit syrups, they also open up a world of potential for dairy and food products.

Benefit from this strong trend. We supply you with everything you need to do so.

  • Bubbles with 100% natural flavours and 100% natural colours
  • Innovative compounds & preparations
  • Innovative packaging solutions

Bubbles: More drinking enjoyment for dairy beverages!

Delicious. Trendy. Refreshing. This is one of the reasons why bubble tea has become a trendy beverage, particularly with young consumers. However, bubbles bear true potential for success in addition to the combination with tea. Döhler has also developed many dairy applications with bubbles. These range from milk mixes to drinking yoghurts and whey-based beverages. Accordingly, Döhler supplies the compounds and bubbles which are tailored to your white mass, in addition to their creative packaging solutions.

Bubbles: A better experience for spoonable dairy products!

Desserts and yoghurts in two-chamber systems plus bubbles promise to be trend setters in the chilled sections. Döhler has also developed many dairy products with bubbles. These range from yoghurt and yoghurt desserts to puddings and mousses. Accordingly, Döhler supplies all-in-one fruit preparations which are tailored to your white mass, in addition to their creative packaging solutions.

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