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At Döhler, we are passionate about citrus fruits. With a rich legacy in natural ingredients, we have built lasting and sustainable partnerships with juice producers globally. As one of the world's top purchasers of juice and by-products, we are committed to delivering prime taste experiences for you and your consumers.

From the pure essence of the fruit to the finest flavours like lemon, orange, lime or grapefruit, our expertise, elaborated technology and access to premium fruits empower us to develop successful food and beverage solutions for you. No matter the market dynamics, your brand's integrity is our priority, and we provide you reliably with exceptional value.

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Our journey begins at harvest, transforming fruits into juices and essential oils, capturing the most versatile citrus ingredients and flavours and combining them into customized all-in-one solutions for refreshing taste experiences of lemon, orange, lime or grapefruit products.

With full vertical integration, we secure access to prime raw materials. Our skilled teams overcome supply challenges through their expertise in citrus handling. Committed to fairness, transparency, regenerative agriculture and a circular economy with reduced emissions, we proudly offer you solutions which are Good for people – Good for planet®.

Our commitment is present at all times. When the citrus supply chain encounters obstacles, Döhler steps in with innovative solutions that partner with nature in a responsible and sustainable way. Our unwavering commitment is to enable your consumers to savour the vibrant essence of citrus even during periods of limited raw materials. We help to nourish the world better.

As the demand for natural citrus products continues to surge, the market conditions become increasingly volatile, resulting in overall price fluctuations. Recognizing this, Döhler has developed a diverse range of natural ingredients including 100% FTNF and 95/5.

By handling these materials daily, our talented teams have developed a unique skill set to overcome any challenges, globally, at any time.

Providing you with a unique and personalized citrus experience, our deep understanding of citrus fruits allows us to work seamlessly with each variety and ingredient, be it grapefruit juice, orange oil or lemon peel, ideal citrus flavours that set your product apart and create an excellent taste experience for your consumers. With prime quality ingredients and smart ideas, we bring all-in-one-solutions to life.

We are dedicated to helping you unlock the full potential of citrus flavours to impress your consumers with outstanding food and beverages. Our comprehensive knowledge and portfolio empower you to navigate the complexities of the market.


Meet the most complete citrus fruit portfolio including lemon, orange, lime and grapefruit:


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