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Pure naturalness & authentic taste promise

We preserve the best of nature right after the harvest

From sweet to sour, from bitter to ripe – citrus fruits are today the most popular among consumers and the most widely cultivated worldwide. These include different fruits like limes, grapefruits, lemons or the probably most popular citrus fruit – the orange.

Discover the next generation of naturally refreshing citrus products that open up this exciting world of taste for you!


At our production facilities located in the heart of the citrus belt and with a complete set of different separation technologies, we process citrus oils and essences to produce best quality concentrates, fractions and isolates.

Those products are the basis to create a wide portfolio of citrus ingredients such as:

Citrus Portfolio

Essential Oils, Terpenes & Compositions

Create innovative food & beverage applications with our flavours and emulsions resulting from citrus ingredients!

Turning the best out of your product and benefit from:

  • Wide portfolio of citrus specialities covering different origins
  • Standardised qualities
  • Stable supply chain due to backward integration
  • Global sourcing network
  • Own fruit processing
  • Wide range of separation and extraction technologies


We pave the way for turning smart ideas into amazing products.

Customised citrus raw materials

What can be better than nature itself? To preserve the pure naturalness of the fruit is thus our most important guiding line in all we do. That is why we use only physical processes like volatile-, polarity- and molecular exclusion based technologies in addition to numerous captive technologies. By applying and combining these different separation technologies we are able to isolate, fractionate, concentrate and customise citrus raw materials as needed and very efficiently. 

Tailor-made solutions

Around 200 natural components are responsible for giving citrus fruits their distinctive taste!

The freshest and most characteristic taste nuances are especially volatile and delicate. Thanks to a deep analytical and sensory knowledge of different citrus varieties and provenances and due to local access and fresh raw material references, we are able to create tailor-made solutions for our customers.

Market specific solutions

Understanding what consumers want and need is absolutely essential for creating flavours that meet consumers’ tastes. Local taste preferences can differ widely from country to country. Citrus is not everywhere the same. This is also reflected in a study by Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science. The results showed that the properties of the products, such as scaly, fully ripe and bitter, as well as the sweet sensation of the tested products differ from country to country. We can help you develop a product that fully meets the needs of your specific market.


Raw materials
Tailor-made solutions
Market specific solutions

We bring ideas to life.

Are you looking to combine the right natural ingredients for your product innovations? We will support you with our market knowledge, our natural ingredients and our years of experience in the development of successful applications.

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