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Carbonyles, Myrcene, Sabinene, Alpha-Pinene - For the highest and purest taste of nature

Döhler offers finest natural flavour extracts that enhance the juicy, peely or ripe top-notes of your flavour and product application. In our “Centre of Excellence for Citrus” in Limeira, Brazil, we use exclusively physical processes and the fruit’s own substances during the whole extraction and distillation process. This ensures that no process substance or solvent can compromise the clean, pure taste of nature and as a result, the term 'naturalness' can be used with absolute accuracy.

Features & Benefits:

  • Finest, unique top-notes
  • Harmonic flavour profiles
  • 100 % Naturalness
  • Pure taste

The Döhler “Centre of Excellence for Citrus” is located in Brazil, in the heart of the world’s largest citrus-growing region. This enables the company to process the fresh citrus raw materials directly after harvest, in order to obtain all the valuable and sensitive natural orange extracts. The state-of-the-art production centre provides the entire DöhlerGroup with access to high-quality citrus fractions, flavour building blocks, concentrated citrus oils and other fruit products. Döhler América Latina supplies customers throughout the world. Today, tailor-made products – developed based on specific requirements from customers around the world – can be processed and supplied directly from the manufacturing facilities to the customer.

Döhler recently invested in new distillation columns to increase overall capacity and to broaden the product portfolio. The new distillation columns are multi-purpose devices and impressive in terms of size. They will also broaden the citrus portfolio.

Natural Orange Flavour Portfolio:

  • FTNF/J flavours
  • Water phases
  • Oils • Extracts
  • Fractions & isolates
  • Tailor-made fruit specialities

The most authentic taste, just like the freshly-picked fruit!

We capture the full diversity and perfection of the taste of fresh and sun-ripened fruits in every flavour, isolate and fraction.

Our Flavour Extracts portfolio:

  • FTNF/J flavours
  • Water phases / essences
  • Oils
  • Extracts
  • Fractions & isolates
  • Tailor-made fruit specialties

100% purity & naturalness

With the help of the latest and most advanced technologies such as distillation, extraction and chromatography, Döhler uses 100% natural raw materials such as fruits, vegetables and other plant substances to produce FTNF/FTNJ flavours, extracts and flavour building blocks with a distinctively authentic taste. Using exclusively physical processes guarantees that no process aids or solvents can impair the clean, pure taste of nature, so that the term 'naturalness' can be used with absolute accuracy.

100% taste authenticity

The freshness of the raw materials is a crucial factor in producing premium flavours. As a vertically integrated company with eight production facilities worldwide, Döhler is represented everywhere the fruits are grown. This guarantees that the fruits are processed on the spot and the flavour-relevant raw materials are extracted directly. Citrus and exotic fruit specialities are processed at the Centre of Excellence in Brazil, while highly concentrated apple essences are produced at the Centre of Excellence in Poland. Döhler has also secured outstanding and reliable sources of raw materials for other fruits and plants, such as vanilla and cola nut.

100% standardised taste reproduction

The quality of fruits and other plants can vary widely from country to country and harvest to harvest – causing the content of relevant flavour substances to vary, too. Thanks to our access to a wide range of raw material qualities, we are able to balance out these harvest variations and to produce specialities with specified flavour values for you: consistent taste profiles with consistent quality at all times are the Döhler promise.

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