Elderflower Extracts

Elderflower Extracts – Traditional ingredients for that special taste nuance in innovative foods & beverages!

Döhler offers high-quality elderflower extracts obtained from the best raw materials. Elderflower is an ingredient with a long history. For centuries it has been known for its wide range of health benefits. Thanks to its outstanding flavour profile, which combines flowery, herbal, berry and subtle hay notes, the blossom of the elder plant has also been used in food and beverages all over the world for a long time. 

The food and beverage industry has recently rediscovered this unique taste for its product innovations. Elderflower is now among the top trend flavours in the beverage industry. The applications range from refreshing lemonades to popular wine-mixes like “Hugo”. 

The range of Döhler Elderfower Extracts are easy to use in a great variety of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages:

Take advantage of the wide range of possibilities for application this natural ingredient opens up and discover new potential for innovation! 

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