Honey Distillates

Döhler Honey Distillates - The taste of the Gods in your product!

Döhler has captured with the gentle state-of-the-art technologies the most subtle flavour nuances of honey and offers honey distillates with the full and most natural taste experience.

Honey is one of the oldest and most natural foods in the world. Modern consumers today love the fine, aromatic taste of honey. In very recent times especially, this flavour is being used in a wide range of foods and beverages. The fine taste notes of honey provide the perfect finishing touch to many fruity and spicy taste nuances. All around the world honey is becoming ever more popular and is being used increasingly in product innovations. 

Features of Döhler Honey Distillates: 

  • Gentle distillation technology
  • Authentic flavour profiles & full-taste experience
  • Halal and Kosher suitability
  • Ideal for: Spirits, Liqueurs, Still Drinks, Tea, Beer Mix, Dairy and Confectionery

Take advantage of the unique and smooth flavour nuances for your product!   

Honey – a taste sensation, not just in tea!

Honey has a long tradition in many countries as the basis of mead (honey wine) or in tea. But the incomparable nuances of honey also give lots of other beverages and foods a full and unique taste. For example, honey flavours are able to develop perfectly in dairy products or spirits, where they add the finishing touch to the taste of hard liquor in particular. But they also add a special note to lemonades, non-alcoholic mulled wines and acidic fruit juice beverages.

Based on a comprehensive ingredient portfolio and our integrated solution approach, we have developed a wide range of innovative beverages and foods with honey extracts & flavours for you:

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