12. December 2023

Döhler is Elevating Taste Modulation Tackling Real Industry Challenges

As the global population surpasses 8 billion people, the food and beverages industry faces unprecedented challenges. Environmental factors are impacting the availability of raw materials, while consumers seek affordable and sustainable food options without compromising on taste or quality. In response to these pressing issues, Döhler, the global natural ingredients producer, marketer and provider, is responding to these complex challenges by strengthening an innovative taste modulation solutions full portfolio, unveiling solutions that can meet a healthier, more sustainable, and flavorful future.

Ajla Sahacic-Pinkert, Global Team Lead Taste Modulation at Döhler, underscores the crucial role of Döhler's expertise in this context: "We are committed to resolving taste-related challenges that have surfaced in today's food landscape. Our vision is to create food and beverage experiences that not only taste extraordinary but also align with healthier long living and a sustainable future. We can make it looking to the future and considering all our decades of deep knowledge in flavors, extracts, all-in-one solutions, and thousands of other solutions."

As the main pillar of the portfolio, Döhler's MultiSense® range is strategically designed to address these issues comprehensively. Below the brand that has already over 15 years, the portfolio is composed of sweetening solutions, boosters, maskers, and ingredients for a better mouthfeel. 

As the health-conscious consumer trend continues, the need to reduce sugar content without compromising taste becomes a must-have. Döhler’s MultiSense® Sweet allows you to make sugar optional while preserving flavor, texture, and mouthfeel, paving the way for healthier indulgence. With the rise of plant-based alternatives in the dairy sector, the challenge of masking undesirable off-notes, such as beany and green notes, is more critical than ever.

Döhler's MultiSense® Masking Solutions are tailored to conceal these unwanted flavors, ensuring that plant-based dairy products meet consumers' taste expectations.

Texture also plays a pivotal role in food and beverages. Whether it's reducing grittiness in protein-enriched products or enhancing creaminess in low-fat and plant-based alternatives, Döhler's MultiSense® Mouthfeel Solutions excels at delivering a balanced and smooth mouthfeel, enriching the sensory experience. Amplifying fruity, spicy, and roasted notes in various products can be a complex task. Döhler's MultiSense® Boosting Solutions naturally intensify positive sensory aspects, enhancing flavor profiles without resorting to artificial additives.

Döhler envisions a world where these taste modulation solutions act as versatile problem-solvers, enabling food and beverage producers to create products that effectively address a range of taste-related challenges in today's dynamic marketplace. These solutions not only meet consumer expectations but also contribute to a healthier, tastier, and more sustainable future.



Press Release: Döhler Taste Modulation | 2023-12