Make sure your expertise in sensory science and consumer research is ahead of the rest.

How can you record sensory impressions objectively and describe them clearly? What are the crucial factors for success in sensory consumer research?

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you in the Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science seminars – by practitioners for practitioners.

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Register for the practical seminar in sensory science online now.

This seminar is geared toward individuals with responsibility in sensory science or QS or as panel trainer, as well as entire expert panels (up to 15 people per seminar). The content and focus can be tailored to your individual wishes, for instance in relation to product categories and the prior knowledge of the participants.

Modules of the sensory science seminar concept:

  • Principles of sensory science physiology of perception 
  • Characteristics of analytical sensory science 
  • Sensory training according to DIN EN ISO 8586 and DIN ISO 3972 
  • Establishment of an analytical panel 
  • Theory and practice of difference tests (triangle tests, duo-trio tests, paired comparison tests, ranking tests) 
  • Theory and practice of product profiling (conventional profile method/QDA, consensus profiles) 
  • Language development for specific product categories 
  • Sensory science in quality assurance 
  • Basics of sensory evaluation methods
  • Off-flavour training for selected product categories

In addition, we offer aroma references for training analytical panels. These make language development and the standardisation of sensory descriptors easier.

The aroma references training kit is available in packaging sizes of 30 ml with up to 12 reference samples in one storage box.

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