NFC Juices

Our NFC juices allow your consumers to indulge

in fruit and vegetables in a particularly authentic way.

NFC juices deliver a fresh fruit and vegetable experience! As part of the trend for healthier and more natural products, demand for NFC juices has risen significantly, especially in Europe. NFC juices are pasteurised right after being pressed and taste particularly fresh and fruity thanks to our gentle processing methods. At Döhler, we have our own fruit and vegetable processing facilities in the countries in which the raw materials are grown, as well as a global procurement network. These advantages secure our access to NFC juices and allow us to maintain a broad portfolio of single-fruit and multi-blends for a wide variety of markets and product innovations.

What makes Döhler NFC juices the smarter choice:

  • Our own fruit and vegetable processing facilities in the world's best growing areas
  • 100% natural
  • Exceptionally high quality and a fresh fruit and vegetable taste thanks to our gentle, state-of-the-art processing methods
  • A broad portfolio of traditional and exotic fruit varieties
  • Naturally cloudy and clear varieties, organic and fair trade juices available on request
  • Enormous refrigerated and deep-freeze warehouses allow us to deliver a high level of quality and freshness in NFC juice production, even out of season

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