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Natural Flavour Solutions

Do you want to inspire your consumers with a unique taste sensation? Döhler always goes one step further to make sure you can. Our natural flavours are all about the very best of nature, our own local processing facilities, the most innovative technologies and worldwide knowledge of regional preferences and the latest trends. Because Döhler does so much more than just create flavours, our development experts always know every ingredient that will make your food or beverage truly indulgent.

Döhler unlocks the entire world of taste sensations for you.

Consumers are constantly on the lookout for new taste sensations. Döhler is always driving the development of flavour technologies forward. For you, that means an ever greater variety of unique flavours – and totally new opportunities for your success on the market.

Döhler Flavour Solutions.

The ultimate taste sensation for your products.

Flavours from nature, 100% from the fruit or plant (FTNF/S): part of what makes the Döhler Group special.

Thanks to our comprehensive expertise in the development of food and beverage applications, we know exactly how flavours behave in combination with other ingredients – in a wide range of products, packaging types and production processes. You can be absolutely certain that we will formulate your flavour perfectly, so that your beverage or food permanently offers a unique multi-sensory experience.

We use the latest and most gentle technologies to capture the full taste sensation of nature in these natural flavours and extracts. 100% of the raw materials come from the fruit or plant (FTNF/S*) and are processed directly on site in the world’s best growing areas. This guarantees the purest ingredients for your application. Our access to a broad spectrum of raw material qualities unlocks a diverse range for you, always containing the very best of nature. You can choose between liquid and powdered flavours, soluble in oil or water, tailored to your application.

Ideal for:

  • highly-natural ingredients for individual and unique flavour compositions in food and beverage applications
  • reflavouring of fruit juices and products containing juice

The portfolio of natural flavours (FTNF/S)/extracts:

  • FTNF flavours
  • Water phases/essences
  • Flavour fractions and isolates
  • Concentrated oils
  • Extracts

*from the named fruit/source

Innovative taste sensations and interesting product positionings for your food and beverages

With our composite flavours, you can give your beverages and foods totally individual taste nuances – natural, fresh and innovative. In creating these flavours, we use all our experience in extracts and our knowledge of local markets and consumer preferences worldwide. Test series in our application laboratories give you peace of mind that the taste and scent of your product will remain stable. You can choose between liquid and powdered flavours, soluble in oil or water, tailored to your application.

Ideal for:

non-alcoholic beverages »
alcoholic beverages »
dairy products & ice cream »
baked goods »
confectionery »
snacks, soups & sauces »

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