Natural Taste and Flavour Solutions

Do you want to inspire your consumers with a unique taste sensation?

Döhler always goes the extra mile to make sure you can. Our natural taste solutions are all about the very best of nature, our own local processing facilities, the most innovative technologies and worldwide knowledge of regional preferences. Because Döhler does so much more than just create flavours, our development experts always know every ingredient that will make your food or beverage a truly multi-sensory experience.

Create unique taste sensations with natural ingredients

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their consumption habits and want to know what ingredients are contained in their food and beverages. Our taste giving products from natural sources are perfectly suited to create foods and beverages with a transparent ingredients list and clean label positioning.

Your added benefit in our value chain

We guarantee your sustainable market success thanks to prime quality, delivery reliability, smart ideas and innovative products. For this, we go all the way for you and create real added value step by step – from the field to the supermarket shelf. To reach this goal, we always go one step further in our supply chain: From the best growing regions around the world to the latest trends and regional consumer preferences. From an individual natural ingredient for your new food or beverage to comprehensive solutions for your industry, with promising product concepts and comprehensive services.

Leading in Natural Taste Solutions

To get the best taste, we go all the way from nature to consumer

Flavours from nature, 100% from the fruit or plant (FTNF/S): part of what makes the Döhler Group special. But not only flavours from the fruit or source mentioned make our assortment range remarkable. Our great selection of natural and nature-identical flavours offers a variety of taste solutions. All these flavour solutions are also based on natural raw materials.

Thanks to our comprehensive expertise in the development of food and beverage applications, we know exactly how our taste giving solutions behave in combination with other ingredients – in a wide range of products, packaging types and production processes.

Our access to a broad spectrum of raw material qualities unlocks a diverse range for tailor-made options for you, always containing the very best of nature. Selected from the finest high-quality raw materials, Döhler has a comprehensive portfolio of natural taste solutions comprising natural flavours, essences, extracts, distillates and infusions which transform foods and beverages into authentic and unique taste sensations.

Organic Natural Taste Solutions: innovative and sustainable

Our natural taste giving solutions in organic quality bring even more naturalness to your products. We offer a variety of organic suitable products for different flavour directions that we create with our unique processing methods for highly innovative products. All flavourings align with the EU organic regulation in 2022.

Please read more about our organic portfolio for your best product solutions

Döhler unlocks the entire world of taste sensations for you.

Are you looking for the most natural and authentic flavour solutions? Döhler is always driving the development of flavour technologies and taste giving products forward. For you, that means an ever greater variety of unique flavour profiles – and totally new opportunities for your success on the market.

Be inspired by the authentic and tasty world of our Natural Taste Solutions! Choose your taste direction to learn more about our product solutions.

We bring ideas to life.

Would you like to put together the right natural ingredients for your next product innovation? We support you with our market knowledge, natural ingredients and many years of experience in the development of successful applications.

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