Plant-based innovation for new markets and a wider range of consumer groups

More and more consumers are committing to a lifestyle free from animal products and are therefore looking for plant-based alternatives that do not compromise on taste or texture. A larger variety of products is just as important as an experience that appeals to all the senses and matches the taste profiles of conventional dairy products.

We are developing the next generation of plant-based dairy products, which impress with both their sensory properties and their nutritional profile. We can do this thanks to our expertise in plant-based ingredients – from raw materials and bases to individual ingredients and complete all-in-one systems.

Let us work together to develop innovative plant-based products and shape the future of nutrition.


of consumers around the world find plant-based product claims positive

Plant-based raw materials and bases

Vertical integration makes processing primary plant-based raw materials such as nuts, seeds, coconut, cereals and pulses part of our DNA, paving the way for you to benefit from solutions that are perfectly tailored to your individual needs and product applications.

Based on state-of-the-art processing technologies, our products impress with their authentic taste, product stability and high-quality ingredients. Our expertise in plant-based raw materials and ingredients allows our customers to overcome the sensory challenges they face when developing plant-based products in various applications.

Be inspired by a selection from our core portfolio.

Oats are one of the most nutritious materials for making plant-based products and an ideal source of protein and fibre. Döhler offers various oat ingredients for developing plant-based applications: from beverages and barista products, through spoonable yoghurt alternatives, baked goods and confectionery, all the way up to savoury applications such as spreads or plant-based alternatives to cheese or creams. The broad portfolio of oat products includes a huge variety of product variants, from extracts and pastes to powders.

Our range of oat extracts, for example, supplies high-quality proteins and is pleasantly sweet and deliciously creamy. Our product variants stand out thanks to the different levels of intensity of the characteristic oat taste and are also available in the following qualities:

  • Organic
  • Gluten-free

Cereals are the ideal solution for a wide range of applications:

  • Plant-based beverages (pure and flavoured) and barista products
  • Desserts and yoghurt alternatives (fermented products)
  • Plant-based ice cream creations
  • Cheese alternatives and spreads
  • And much more, e.g. fruit-based beverages and smoothies, confectionery, baked goods, sweet spreads, snacks and bars

Our portfolio of nut and seed pastes and coconut creams is the perfect basis for the next generation of plant-based products, supporting a modern and healthy lifestyle.

With our many years of experience and expert knowledge of raw materials such as nuts and seeds and how they are processed, we create products with outstanding taste that can be individually tailored to customer needs.

Coconut cream is also ideal as a basis for plant-based products. Using state-of-the-art production methods, we create mild and slightly sweet taste profiles with a smooth and creamy texture in the end product.

Discover the benefits of our comprehensive portfolio:

  • Unique taste thanks to individual roasting method tailored to the respective nut type
  • Excellent texture with the finest grinding methods
  • Solutions for clean label declarations
  • Available in organic quality

Ideal solutions for various applications:

  • Plant-based ice cream creations
  • Fermented desserts
  • Cheese alternatives and spreads
  • Plant-based beverages – pure and flavoured
  • And much more, e.g. fruit-based beverages and smoothies, confectionery, baked goods, sweet spreads, snacks and bars

Cereals, nuts and seeds are not only a sustainable alternative raw material – they also promise authentic taste in the final application. Döhler offers plant-based product solutions and proteins based on pulses, which also enable clean label declarations, vegan product claims or declaration as a source of protein, for example.

Our pulse extracts impress with their pure taste profile and nutritional benefits, especially in “like milk” applications. Plant-based proteins from Döhler also offer added value through:

  • Excellent sensory profiles thanks to the combination of various protein sources and a unique production method utilising Döhler’s MultiSense® masking technology
  • Optimised nutritional value (85–100% PDCAAS) due to gentle and natural processing
  • All-in-one solutions with natural starch content for high functionality

Ideal solutions for various applications:

  • Plant-based beverages – pure and flavoured
  • Fermented plant-based products
  • Cheese alternatives and spreads
  • Plant-based ice cream creations and desserts
  • And for baked goods and confectionery, protein bars and smoothies, meat alternatives and sports nutrition

100% plant-based – for unique moments of indulgence

When developing high-quality plant-based milk alternatives, we call on our comprehensive expertise in ingredients. Use our plant-based ingredients in a multitude of applications for unforgettable moments of indulgence. We work with you to develop individual product concepts that meet the high market demands, enabling you to tap into new product categories and market and customer segments.

We bring ideas to life.

Are you looking to combine the right natural ingredients for your product innovations? We will support you with our market knowledge, our natural ingredients and our years of experience in the development of successful applications.

Let us work together to develop innovative plant-based products and shape the future of nutrition.

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