Smoothies & Snack Drinks

Indulgence on the go.

Delight your consumers with fruity and savoury smoothies & snack drinks for every occasion.

Naturalness, health and convenience – these trend topics dominate the market, making smoothies and snack drinks popular small “on-the-go” meals. Be it morning, midday, evening, or even in between: Creative snack drinks can be tailored to any occasion, at any time of day. Döhler not only offers all natural ingredients for these fruit and vegetable snacks, but also innovative product concepts with a wide variety of positioning options. These range from breakfast drinks with cereals or fruit pieces and afternoon snacks with guarana through to evening snacks with mild fruit juices and a hint of chocolate as well as savoury varieties with vegetables.

Discover healthy and fruity added value – and the perfect solution for you.

During your break or at the office? With fruit or vegetables? With or without pieces? Döhler develops individual smoothies and snack drinks for you that not only contain the best from fruits, vegetables, cereals and milk, but also provide your target groups with real added value thanks to functional ingredients including caffeine, vitamins and fibres.

As a global partner and trendsetter in the food and beverage industry, we have comprehensive knowledge of the market, many years of experience in developing successful applications, and the integrated ingredient expertise of a full-service provider. That is how we provide you with more than just innovative product ideas; we also supply the right natural ingredients, all the way to tailored all-in-one ingredient systems.

Mit Döhler Natural Ingredients und Ingredient Systemen werden Ihre Smoothies & Snack Drinks zum außergewöhnlichen, multisensorischen Erlebnis.

From FTNJ and FTNS flavours from fruits, vegetables and plants through to brown flavours or trend flavours such as chilli, ginger or coriander.

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Comprehensive spectrum of colouring concentrates.

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From vitamins and plant extracts for a wide range of indications to perfectly balanced sweetening systems with stevia or natural fruit sweeteners.

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Juice concentrates, purees and fruit pieces from in-house fruit and vegetable processing and manufacturing facilities.

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Be it purees, juice concentrates or crunchy pieces, our all-in-one blends already contain all the ingredients you need for your smoothies and snack drinks – accurately coordinated and perfectly tailored to your manufacturing processes.

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