Alcohol-Stable Juice Concentrates

Advanced Juice Concentrates tailor-made for alcoholic beverages

The trend towards naturalness and premium products also has an effect on the spirit sector, where products with more fruit flavour and higher fruit juice contents are being produced. Not every juice concentrate, however, is suited for alcoholic beverages. Mixing conventional juice concentrates with alcohol can cause precipitations and sedimentations, thus creating a visual impairment to the end product.

Through intensive research and development, Döhler has developed a range of clear fruit juice concentrates designed specifically for alcoholic beverages. A stable colour/consistency and no sedimentation, even with a higher juice content, are the main characteristics of this particular range. These juice concentrates are optimal for both low-alcoholic beverages (e.g. ciders, wine-mixes) and high-proof spirits (e.g. rum, vodka, tequila & cachaça).

Benefit from:

  • Special concentrates from citrus, exotics and red fruits und berries
  • All natural, Juice only
  • Stability at higher juice and alcohol contents
  • Natural fruit flavour & look

Advanced Juice Concentrates – Diverse tastes tailor-made for your product concept!

For each individual juice concentrate, Döhler uses a standardised test procedure for testing various aspects such as precipitation & cloudiness when exposed to heat, light and oxygen. If necessary, the process parameters of the production steps can be adjusted and the portfolio further expanded in a consistent way.

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