Natural Colour Solutions Red Brilliance

“RED BRILLIANCE” – the shining spectrum of new red tones from a 100% natural source!

Consumers make their purchasing decisions within seconds!
This makes it that much more important that your product meets the eye immediately…

Under the range “Red Brilliance”, Döhler has developed shining, natural colouring concentrates for a wide range of food and beverage applications. The black carrot is the ideal and natural basis for a fantastic colour spectrum ranging from warm and brightred hues to shining ruby tones all the way to blue shades of red. All colours meet the requirements of clean labeling.

With Döhler's colouring concentrates Red Brilliance you benefit from:

  • Colour brilliance from bright red to bluish-red hues
  • 100% naturalness
  • Clean label Deklaration
  • Highest stability in your product

For you that means:
A shining colour variety for products with the highest stability and excellent cost-in-use!

Benefits & Features:

  • Clean label declaration
  • Excellent light and heat stability
  • Consistent high quality
  • Excellent cost-in-use
  • Outstanding sensory qualities
  • SO2-free
  • customised reddish colouring concentrates

Our broad product portfolio of natural colours ranges from colouring vegetable and fruit concentrates to different natural colours all the way to different colour and cloud emulsions.

We supply you with the best colours for your products because......

...our company-own fruit processing and worldwide sourcing grants us preferential access to natural fruit and vegetable ingredients, such as colouring concentrates and natural colour extracts.

...we have many years of experience in processing concentrates from fruits and vegetables as well as natural colours.

...our know-how in formulations for modern beverage bases and fruit preparations provides us with expertise in how colours behave and how they need to be formulated for beverages and dairy products which remain stable.

...our pronounced expertise in emulsion technology is an important success factor for outstanding natural colours.

...we produce natural colour formulations that are tailored to your applications.

...we never lose sight of what really matters:

Shining colours, great flavour and the highest stability of the finished product!

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