Plant-Based Ingredients & concepts

Döhler offers dairy-free concepts: From coconut-based drinks to almond-based ice cream!

Nearly two-thirds of the world's adult population are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk proteins. In addition to nutritional reasons many consumers are motivated by ethical reasons to look for a plant-based or simply more sustainable alternative to dairy products. In the past, dairy-free food and beverages were often based on soy and had significant sensory disadvantages so that consumers simply did not like their taste.

Döhler offers its customers from the food and beverage industry a new and sensory convincing portfolio of Plant-Based Ingredients based on almonds, coconut, rice, oat and soy. This portfolio of plant-based ingredients makes it easy for our customers to develop the delicious lactose-free/dairy-free food and beverages needed to access completely new consumer groups.


Döhler’s portfolio of Plant-Based Ingredients:

Taste, health and good conscience come together!

Along with being promoted as “lactose-free”, there are a variety of different product positionings available, depending on the “Plant-Based Ingredient”. These include “vegan”, “halal”, “kosher”, “gluten-free”, “GMO-free” or “allergen-free”. All of Döhler’s alternatives to cow's milk are characterised by a particularly balanced sensory profile – so there is nothing standing in the way of milk-like indulgence even without milk.


Discover the indulgent product world with Döhler’s “Plant-Based Ingredients”:


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