Discover nature's best in dried form.

Taste is not everything! The significance of “inner values” is becoming increasingly important, which also holds true for sweets, baked goods and snacks. Customers reward products with their confidence when natural ingredients are used which run through few and gentle processing steps. We now accommodate this request in the tastiest way possible: We refine what is already naturally good using technologies of the highest quality. The result is a variety of Dry Ingredients & Dry Systems for innovative culinary pleasures from premium, carefully selected and natural raw materials such as fruits by applying gentle drying technologies. Döhler's portfolio includes, for example, whole dried fruits, slices, pieces, powders and granulates. But we also derive application specific Dry Ingredients & Dry Systems from cream, butter, yoghurt, quark as well as dairy alternatives, malt, red wine, honey and - upon the customer's request - many other natural raw materials.

Honey and honey powder

Honey Powder

Easy handling with all the benefits of liquid blossom honey

What makes Döhler’s Dry Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients the right choice for your products:

  • Natural raw materials of the best quality, great variety of refreshing and unique taste profiles - mild, fruity and discreet
  • 100% taste, colour and texture
  • Preserving valuable ingredients through gentle processing
  • Premium quality by using the latest technologies such as freeze drying, vacuum belt drying, spray drying, or roller drying
  • Modern dry mixing and filling technology
  • Tailor-made and customer-specific solutions
    Broad spectrum of applications and creative innovation potentials
Comprehensive, interdisciplinary, integrated

Discover Döhler's portfolio for Dry Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients

Be it for cereal bars, breakfast biscuits or chocolate heaven – our Dry Ingredients & Dry Systems impress with their irresistible taste, shining colours and tasty mouthfeel. Win over your customers with creamy and aromatic taste sensations that harmonise perfect indulgence with a good conscience.

We dry all our natural raw materials harvest-fresh and gently to offer you whole dried fruits, slices, pieces and powder that fit your needs. This way, the fruits' valuable ingredients such as vitamins and minerals, the fresh taste, natural colour as well as the natural look and structure are preserved. Additionally, the products show low colour migration. Also, many of our products are produced without any additives and are thus also suitable for clean labelling.

Application ideal for:

Excellent quality, stable colour and flavour properties as well as simple dosing allow you to further process our granulates and bits conveniently and efficiently. With our perfected freeze drying process, we guarantee the right kind of granulate in the desired degree of fineness for you. Due to their low hygroscopicity, granulates remain crunchy and fresh even during storage. We offer granulates and bits from fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

Application ideal for:

Our versatile powders are available in various degrees of fineness. Depending on the requirements, they are instantly soluble and have a long shelf life. They also provide the basis for your individual applications. You can choose from a broad portfolio of dairy and fat-based ingredients or even functional ingredients such as emulsifiers and speciality products. All our products are produced using selected natural raw materials and stand out due to their excellent sensory quality. We offer you fruit, malt, juice or honey powder as well as dairy products and dairy alternatives in dried form.

Application ideal for:

Döhler products based on Dry Systems make it possible to combine the efficient industrial and artisan production of baked goods, desserts and other industrial sectors in the best possible way. We offer tailored solutions for a wide variety of applications and requirements for the various challenges you are confronted with on the market. That is why we offer you a comprehensive range of dry mixes, Florentine mixes and cream stabilisers. We avoided the use of additives to the greatest extent possible in order to ensure the clean labelling of the products. Our products stand for quick and safe preparation and stand out because of their high level of convenience.

Application ideal for:

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