Our Sweetening Systems combine indulgence with a clean conscience.

Be it reduced-sugar stevia cola, a sports drink with the sweetness of fruits or a sugar-free dessert, with Döhler you will find the perfect solution for a sweet taste sensation with less sugar. We offer you a versatile portfolio of sweeteners and sweetening systems, perfectly tailored to the features of your foods and beverages.

What makes Döhler Sweetening Solutions the smarter choice:

  • Up to 100% sugar reduction
  • Balanced taste profile
  • Large portfolio of sweetening systems
  • Tailored to your product applications
  • Stable solutions
  • Simple to use
Döhler Sweetening Solutions

Tailor-made Sweetening Systems for innovative beverages and foods.

Thanks to our comprehensive competence in ingredients and our expertise in the development of food and beverage applications, we understand exactly how sugar and sweeteners behave in combination with other components of a recipe. You can be absolutely certain that we formulate our sweeteners precisely so that your beverage or food has the taste profile you want – for a unique multi-sensory experience.

MultiSense® Flavours enable the sensory properties of calorie-reduced products to be improved. Depending on the flavour, the natural MultiSense® Flavours range allows the sugar content to be reduced without using additional sweeteners to mask the after-taste of sweeteners or to improve the mouthfeel of sugar-reduced products.

MultiSweet® Classic is the ideal sweetening system for reduced-calorie and calorie-free products. Through a combination of different high intensity sweeteners (HIS) and masking flavours, Döhler offers a large portfolio of sweeteners to match a wide range of different beverage applications.The blends are available in liquid and powder form.

Particular advantages: 

  • Blends without the much-criticised high intensity sweeteners also available
  • Taste particularly close to that of sugar through combination with Döhlerʼs masking flavours
  • Balanced taste profile thanks to an ideal combination of high intensity sweeteners, tailored to different applications

Ideal for:

  • Diet or zero beverages

With MultiSweet® Stevia, Döhler offers calorie-free sweetening with a natural origin. The steviol glycosides are extracted from the leaves of the stevia rebaudiana plant and have a sweetening power 300% stronger than that of sugar.

Particular advantages:

  • Harmonious taste similar to sugar thanks to Döhler stevia masking flavours
  • Combination with MultiSweet Fruit® for an especially natural character

Ideal for:

  • Reduced-sugar products with a natural positioning

MultiSweet Fruit®  is the natural sweetness of fruit for your premium product. Produced without chemical additives throughout the production process, MultiSweet Fruit® has a sweetening intensity comparable to that of sugar and offers the full, rounded taste of real sugar.

Particular advantages:

  • Ideal sugar ratio between fructose, saccharose and glucose for a low glycaemic index
  • Claim: sweetness from 100% fruit
  • Versatile portfolio of fruit sweeteners tailored to your product, e.g. deacidified fruit juice concentrate for dairy products

Ideal for:

  • Premium products with a natural positioning

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