Indulgence, naturalness, uniqueness –

give consumers even more good reasons to bite into your biscuits.

Whether it is a classic cookie, a breakfast biscuit or a Jaffa cake – Döhler's innovative product ideas and ingredient solutions make your biscuits even more irresistible. Treat and surprise connoisseurs with entirely new flavours. Make use of the trend for naturalness by using delicious fruit and vegetable fillings and benefit from the growing health consciousness of consumers by adding fibres, vitamins, extracts or proteins to your products. 

Discover a whole new type of biscuit with Döhler – and the perfect solution for you.

Fruity or chocolatey? Soft or crunchy? As a treat or a snack? On the sofa or when out and about? Döhler develops your individual biscuit solution that is perfectly tailored to your production process: heat-resistant flavours, bake-stable fruit preparations and malt extracts to optimise texture, colour, sweetness and flavour – even for gluten-free products.

As a global partner and trendsetter in the food and beverage industry, we have comprehensive knowledge of the market, many years of experience in developing successful applications, and the integrated ingredient expertise of a full-service provider. That is how we provide you with more than just innovative product ideas; we also supply the right natural ingredients, right up to tailored all-in-one ingredient systems.

Döhler Natural Ingredients and Ingredient Systems turn your biscuits into an extraordinary multi-sensory experience.

From natural, fruity flavours to brown flavours such as vanilla, rum, almond and caramel.

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Wide colour range of bake-stable, natural colours and colouring concentrates in liquid or powder form.

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From fibres, functional extracts and proteins to perfectly-balanced sweetening systems.

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Juice concentrates, purees, fruit peels and pieces from our own fruit and vegetable processing and production facilities.

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Cereal and malt extracts for sweetening, colouring and improving the quality properties of baked goods – including gluten-free.

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Made from premium, carefully selected and natural raw materials such as fruits by applying gentle drying technologies.

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Whether it is flavour, colour, sweetening or the fruit and vegetable content, our all-in-one compounds contain all the ingredients you need, for example for your biscuit fillings – perfectly coordinated and tailored to your production processes.

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