Premium-quality flavours and extracts

The best-tasting beer innovations

Are you looking for an unmistakeable beer mix that provides perfect refreshment? Then Döhler is the place for you! From hoppy and tart pilsners to full-bodied stouts, all the way up to fruity-fresh wheat beer – our natural ingredients enable you to develop first-class beers and benefit from the following:

  • Superior flavour creation technologies for processing raw ingredients at peak freshness
  • Large product range of distillates, extracts and natural flavours of different beer, malt and hop types
  • Utilisation of our in-house brewery and malting systems to showcase how our solutions perform
  • Possible declarations: clean label solutions such as extracts – e.g. manufactured by a proprietary extraction technology our unique beer extracts are free from ethanol
  • Broad product range for non-alcoholic and 0.0% beer mixes
  • Comprehensive application expertise for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer and malt drinks


Four natural ingredients – malt, hops, yeast and water – are used to create the world’s most popular beverage: beer. Whether alcoholic or not, our natural ingredients guarantee a refreshing, full-bodied and intensive taste. By combining special ingredients and brewing processes, we are able to provide diverse options and unmistakeable nuances for all types of beer.

Natural ingredients for a diverse range of beer

Perfect the taste of your beer with regard to typing, mouthfeel and body, masking and sweetener!

Various processes and influences can change the taste of a beer. In order to counteract this, Döhler offers natural beer, malt and hops flavours, distillates and extracts which have a diverse range of application options:

Develop the next generation of successful beer and beer mix beverages with us.

We have extremely high demands when it comes to selecting and processing our raw materials. Discover the benefits of our natural beer flavours and extracts:

For your refreshing beer and beer mixes

We are renowned for application expertise – combine your alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers with numerous flavours. Be inspired by our concept ideas.

We bring ideas to life.

Are you looking to launch your next successful product on the market? We will support you with our market knowledge, our natural ingredients and our years of experience in the development of successful applications.

Talk to our experts for your beer and beer mix beverages.

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