Ingredients, Ingredient Systems & Integrated Solutions for Cider

Cider goes global! Fresh, modern product ideas are conquering the global beverage market!

Fresher, fruitier, milder ... and sometimes a little unconventional! The traditional beverage cider is getting a new look and becoming a popular trendsetter at BBQs, parties and clubs all over the world. Innovative flavours have resulted in growth rates in double figures for sparkling cider and perry in many countries over the last year.

Be part of this success! We will support you with everything you need.

As a global manufacturer of ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions, we provide you with all the building blocks for your product innovation from one source:

  • Innovative product ideas for cider
  • Fermented cider products for individual customers and specific countries
  • Alcohol-stable juice concentrates, natural flavours and colours
  • All-in-one compounds
  • Advice on filling technology, sensory science and product labelling

The journey to your cider innovation has never been easier!

Tailor-made cider ferments and natural ingredients from one source!

We supply all the building blocks you need for innovative cider beverages from one source. Our range stretches from cider and perry to alcohol-stable juice concentrates as well as natural flavours and colours. Döhler's cider ferments are characterised by mild, fruity or unique taste profiles and result from selected raw materials used in special manufacturing processes. For each target market and customer requirement, we deliver country-specific solutions that meet the relevant food law and customs specifications.

With our fermentation expertise, you can let your creativity run free!

Product advantages

  • Suitable for traditional and modern cider
  • Different fruit and acid contents possible
  • Individual alcohol contents can be provided
  • With a subtle or strong taste and colour

Be inspired by Döhler's cider product ideas!

Its fruity taste notes mean that modern cider is perceived as particularly refreshing. When combined with fruit juices or innovative natural flavours, a low-alcohol cider mix makes a great alternative to or change from beer mixes. The new lifestyle variants are particularly well received among women and young consumers – not just in traditional cider markets such as the UK and Ireland, but also in America, South Africa and Eastern Europe. Cider is becoming a successful concept around the world!

As well as all ingredients, we also offer you plenty of innovative product ideas! See for yourself...

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