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Fulfil consumer expectations with all the senses.

Do you want to be sure that your product is a success on the market?

Inspire consumers with a multi-sensory experience that fulfils exactly the expectations you trigger with your brand, your product concept, the packaging or the colour. Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science gives you well-founded and clear recommendations on optimising the multi-sensory quality of your product and therefore your market opportunities. We call this Döhler Multi-Sensory Excellence.

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Make sure your expertise in sensory science and consumer research is ahead of the rest.

Döhler Multi-Sensory Excellence for a harmonious product experience.

Döhler Multi-Sensory Excellence demonstrates how you can fulfil consumer expectations of your brand and product completely by finding the ideal fit for all sensations including appearance, odour, taste, mouthfeel and sound.

What makes Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science the right choice for your market success:

With Döhler Multi-Sensory Excellence, we offer the food and beverage industry a unique integrated research approach for long-term product success. We are the specialist with comprehensive expertise and years of experience in all categories of the beverage sector.

Sensory Science

Expert panels for objective perception and measurement of all sensory dimensions

  • More than 200 sensory science experts, including a large number of applications developers
  • Direct transfer of necessary product optimisations as specific changes to recipes, as we speak the language of our developers
  • Sensory profiles of more than 600 products from 20 product categories

Consumer Science

Analysis of consumer acceptance and emotions before, during and after product tastings

  • Our own consumer panel with more than 2,500 participants in Germany
  • Worldwide network of fielding partners for consumer studies with your local target group
  • Experience from sensory studies with more than 20,000 consumers and results from more than 1,300 products
  • Use of scientifically-validated test methods for sensory consumer research

Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science

The specialist for sensory science and consumer research in the entire world of food and beverages.

Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science is your independent partner for consumer tests and sensory science services with particular expertise in the beverage sector. Because we are part of the DöhlerGroup, you always benefit from the unique wealth of experience of a provider with more than 15,000 food and beverage applications on the market.
As a member of the BVM (Berufsverband Deutscher Markt- und Sozialforscher, the German Professional Association for Market and Social Research), DGSens (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sensorik, German Society for Sensory Science), ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Market Research) and the DIN Standards Committee Sensory Science, we work in compliance with the latest standards and possess comprehensive resources of our own.

An essential factor in the sustainable market success of food and beverages is sensory science, meaning descriptive, sensory testing of products by trained expert panels.

Sensory & Consumer Science has access to more than 100 sensory science experts, including a large number of experienced application developers. They check all sensory dimensions of your products: appearance, odour, taste, mouthfeel and sound. The results are brought together in strictly objective and purely descriptive profiles. This allows us to clearly characterise and distinguish your test products.

Döhler Sensory Science offers methods for foods and beverages with widely varied tasks:

  • Innovation development
  • Recipe optimisation
  • Cost-saving projects
  • Sensory market screenings (taste landscapes)
  • QS monitoring
  • Shelf life tests

Methodology of Döhler Sensory Science:

  • Difference tests 
  • Consensus profile in accordance with DIN 10967-2
  • Conventional profile in accordance with DIN 10967-1
  • Time intensity method
  • TDS (Temporal Dominance of Sensations)

Resources of Döhler Sensory Science:

  • Instant access to product-specific panels in a wide range of food and beverage categories
  • Performance of tests under standardised conditions in specific, air-conditioned sensory booths
  • Computer-aided data collection and processing with specially-developed sensory software
  • Detailed statistical data analysis

With your brand and the positioning, packaging and colour of your product, you trigger very specific expectations in consumers. Döhler Consumer Science supports you in fulfilling these expectations with a harmonious multi-sensory product experience. After all, the ideal fit leads to long-term product success, a high purchase rate and loyal consumers.

We analyse consumer acceptance and emotions before, during and after product tasting. This way, you receive reliable and realistic information on how your products are assessed and perceived in comparison with benchmark products on the market. In our recommendations for targeted product optimisation, you benefit from our experience in sensory studies with more than 20,000 consumers and over 1,300 products.

Döhler Consumer Science supports you in the following projects:

  • New product launch
  • Innovation development
  • Line extensions
  • Market screening
  • Product optimisation

Methodology & resources of Consumer Science:

  • Combined product and concept tests
  • Product and packaging tests
  • Sensory emotional profiling
  • Drinkability tests
  • Online studies
  • Focus groups
  • Vox pops
  • Home use tests

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