Give your products the brilliant appearance they deserve with our coating systems!

Brilliant colours, long-lasting shine and no sticking, all thanks to Döhler coating systems. They give your confectionery the finishing multi-sensory touch, without having an impact on taste! For guaranteed fun and indulgent snacks, Döhler’s coating systems also offer numerous technical benefits for specific confectionery applications and make handling easy. The portfolio comprises all ingredient building blocks for a perfect coating finish from a single source: from sugar, fruit gum and chocolate polishes to natural flavours, colours and fruit powders.

Tailored solutions for your application:

Benefits for you at a glance:

  • Neutral taste
  • Ready to use
  • Low dosage (glazes used in low quantities)
  • Intensive, long-lasting shine
  • Ingredients grown sustainably
  • Short polishing times (<20 minutes)
  • Excellent non-stick properties
  • Certificates (kosher, halal, RSPO) available

Döhler coating systems for a brilliant look!

Whether for chocolate, fruit gums or soft dragées – we offer tailored solutions for your product application. Our coating systems give your products a radiant look!

Ideal for

  • all kinds of chocolate

Chocolate not only needs to taste good – it should also look appetising too. Döhler produces a wide range of chocolate glazes and food varnishes that give chocolate intensive, long-lasting shine. Chocolate dragées require a corresponding surface treatment. Edible filming agents made from gum arabic, glucose syrup or starch combined with a shellac solution are applied to the surface. Precise knowledge of the entire coating and polishing process enables the products to be used efficiently. The chocolate polishes are extremely stable, free-flowing and easy to work with even under difficult production conditions.

Particular advantages 

  • Low viscosity
  • Ready to use
  • For universal use without special adaptation to the chocolate type

Ideal for

  • all types of sugar-coated nuts, fruits and chocolate centres, as well as soft dragées

Polishing is the final step in dragée production. Whether sugar-coated chocolates or soft dragées, the sugar polish emphasises the shine and quality of the natural colours. The polishes protect against moisture and give the sugar coating a high-gloss surface. They are characterised by their neutral taste and fast drying and polishing times.

Ideal for

  • fruit gums and jelly items based on gelatine, starch, pectin, gum arabic and carrageen

Whether fruit gums and pastilles, traditional or foam wine gums or jellies – they all need final surface treatment to ensure that the individual sweets do not stick together in the packet. To achieve this, Döhler offers fruit gum polishes: a dispersion of natural waxes in highly-stable, sustainable plant oils, that prevent the confectionery from sticking together. They are characterised by outstanding shine that has a positive effect on the confectionery’s freshness and taste. Thanks to a particularly small particle size distribution in the waxes, the coatings have an extremely soft and pleasant mouthfeel.

Particular advantages

  • Very fine particle size
  • Available in sustainable qualities

Ideal for

  • extruded liquorice and laces

Extruded liquorice is a shiny, jellied confectionery with a semi-solid consistency. Myriad fruit flavours can be added to the shiny, jellied sweets. Before packaging, the extruded laces are covered with a special liquorice polish. This increases the product’s shine and ensures that the pieces do not stick together in the packet. Döhler provides a wide range of premium liquorice polishes for this special application. The liquorice polish is available as a ready-to-use solution or as a concentrate that needs to be diluted before use.

Particular advantages

  • No shellac
  • Concentrate can be diluted individually to optimise performance

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