Cereal & Malt Ingredients for malt beverages

Benefit from the growing market for

innovative beverages based on traditional raw materials.

"Fassbrause", beer beverages with 0.0% alcohol, multi-cereal drinks and malt lemonades – with naturalness, healthy ingredients and innovative concepts, non-alcoholic malt beverages are all the rage. Döhler delivers the perfect malt extracts and compounds for you, so that you can participate in this growth segment.

What makes Döhler’s Cereal & Malt Ingredients the smarter choice for non-alcoholic malt beverages.


  • Can be used for a broad spectrum of beverage concepts, from light malt-based soft drinks to non-alcoholic beers and dark malt beverages.

Ingredient systems

  • Döhler's malt extracts and all-in-one compounds enable every beverage manufacturer to produce and bottle malt beverages safely – with no need for experience or investment in brewery technology.


  • Completely non-alcoholic throughout the entire production process: no limits on the target group or region when it comes to marketing


Ingredient systems

Our tailored products for your non-alcoholic malt beverages.

Highly-stable Malt Extracts

The crucial building block for malt beverages, such as "fassbrause", malt lemonades and dark malt beverages.

Gluten-free Malt Extracts

For all types of gluten-free malt beverages.

Cereal & Malt Extracts

With wheat, rye, rice and oats, for example, for multi-cereal beverage concepts.

Hopped Malt Extracts

For the production of completely non-alcoholic beer beverages with 0.0% vol. alcohol.

Malt Compounds

The ready-to-use beverage concentrate is an all-in-one solution for all types of malt beverage.

Colouring Malt Extracts

For natural colouring without E-numbers.

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