Döhler Dairy & Plant-Based Ingredients

The creamy base for your innovative food and beverages.

With our know-how of natural ingredients and our expertise in in the development of food and beverage applications, we understand how dairy and dairy-free ingredients behave in your products. We know how to combine the individual components that bring out the best in your food & beverage applications– for a unique and long-term multi-sensory experience.

With our acid-stable dairy ingredients, you can give your non-alcoholic products a fine, creamy note.

Particular advantages:

  • pH-neutral and acid-stable solutions
  • Long shelf life even without homogenisation

Ideal for:

  • Smoothies, juices, still fruit juice beverages
  • Non-alcoholic cocktails
  • Coffee and tea beverages
  • Energy drinks
  • Flavoured alcoholic beverages (FABs)
  • Fillings for confectionery

Döhler has more than 20 years of experience in producing cream building blocks for premium quality alcoholic beverages. We use this expertise to develop our dairy ingredients – for creamy premium indulgence.

Particular advantages:

  • pH-neutral and acid-stable solutions with a range of fat and alcohol contents
  • Alcohol-stable up to 18% vol.
  • Alcohol-stable variants without alcohol for import benefits
  • Long shelf life even without homogenisation

Ideal for:

  • Premium and regional cream liqueurs
  • Flavoured alcoholic beverages (FABs)
  • Alcoholic cocktails

From coffee drinks to ice cream and pudding – the demand for dairy-free and lactose-free products with full indulgent is growing. We offer you a wide range of plant-based alternatives to dairy products.


  • Suitable for pH-neutral and acidic applications
  • Dairy-free, lactose-free and plant-based

Ideal for:

  • Dairy-free food applications such as ice cream and pudding
  • Dairy-free drinks
  • Plant-based products

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